Vote Yes on Measure Z

Vote Yes on Measure Z to upgrade classrooms, science and engineering labs, and other school facilities in the Palo Alto Unified School District..

We live in one of the best school districts in California and the nation. Ten years ago, voters overwhelmingly approved the Strong Schools Bond Measure to fund improvements to aging schools. These projects were completed on time and on budget. However, this measure was only intended to address the first half of facility needs identified at that time. Measure Z (Palo Alto) will provide locally-controlled funding that cannot be taken away by the State and Federal governments.

Measure Z is the next step in the plan to upgrade our schools. Voting Yes on Measure Z provides dedicated local funding to complete the next phase of repairs and improvements so our schools remain safe, accessible and able to support 21st-century learning standards.

Vote YES on Measure Z to:

  • Ensure school facilities are accessible for students with disabilities and equitable for all.
  • Upgrade schools to current seismic safety standards to keep students safe in an earthquake.
  • Complete needed repairs and renovations at school facilities by replacing aging roofs, plumbing, electrical, heating and ventilation systems.
  • Increase school safety and security by upgrading fire alarms, door locks and emergency communication systems to meet current standards.
  • Provide classrooms and labs to support up-to-date science, technology, engineering and robotics instruction.
  • Provide up-to-date facilities to maintain outstanding performing and visual arts programs.

Measure Z Requires Strict Fiscal Accountability

  • By law, all funds must stay local and no money can be taken away by the State
  • No funds can be used for administrators’ salaries, pensions or benefits
  • An independent citizens’ oversight committee and annual audits are mandatory to ensure funds are spent as promised

Please join parents, teachers and community leaders in supporting the continued success of local Palo Alto students by voting Yes on Measure Z.